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Riot Dog & Facebook - A Bible and a Bat'leth
Two double-edged swords, one angry peacemaker.

Date: 5:43 pm Thu 16th of Feb, 2012
Subject: Riot Dog & Facebook
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Tags:anarchy, noticings about learnings
Often when I put a comment on Facebook, something lighthearted or funny, off-the-wall (what does that mean, anyway? Wait, is that a potential pun? But it's a timeline now not a wall - drat!)

Often when I put a comment on Facebook, something lighthearted or funny, unexpected or silly, and I notice that I get responses to it, I have to struggle internally.

A little bit of me wants to LIKE every single comment, and respond to any of them that make sense. I think that's the bit of me that wants to get people and make them happy so they will like me. Then there's another bit of me that wants to not return to the comment at all - to leave people to make their discussions. I think that this is the bit that wants to be independent and dignified.

Of course, neither one wins out (usually). The other day I put out a fairly complex joke and avoided my impulse to respond to some of the responses. Some of them pointed out slight misuse of a word, and I decided not to respond with my reasoning. It was an odd feeling. I don't like being misunderstood, but it felt good not to respond all the time. I remember reading something about this once; about not having to defend yourself being a mark of maturity. I hope so.

And now for something completely different:

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